Mother of survivor of election-night shooting furious with Bain’s bail request – Montreal

MONTREAL — He’s charged with the first degree murder of Denis Blanchette, and with attempting to kill several others during a Parti-Quebecois victory party in 2012.

If convicted, Richard Henry Bain could very well spend the rest of his days behind bars.

Yet despite that possibility, Bain thinks he deserves to be released from prison this summer.

Today at the Montreal courthouse, lawyers for the alleged election-night shooter advised a judge they will be making a formal request for bail, pending the start of Bain’s trial.

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    Richard Henry Bain in court

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“He’s got the right to present a motion,” defence attorney Marcel Guerin told reporters.

“Will it be granted?  That depends on the judge.  But he’s got the right to present a motion for bail.”

The bail hearing begins July 29 and is expected to last three days.

Guerin told Global News they plan to present several witnesses, including the accused.

“On a bail hearing he has to be a witness,” Guerin noted.

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The mother of Dave Courage, one of the survivours of the shooting, is furious with the legal move.

Yvonne Courage describes it as insulting.

“No, no, no, no, it can’t be. It’s impossible,”  Courage told Global News in a telephone interview.

“He’s asking to be released?  This man is very bad.  I don’t understand what is going on in Canada and Quebec.”

Last April, Yvonne and Dave Courage launched a civil lawsuit against the Quebec government.

They are demanding close to $300,000 in damages as a result of the shooting, where Dave Courage narrowly escaped death.

Richard Henry Bain’s trial is slated to begin in January 2015.

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