Ontario students vote for Wynne, NDP forms opposition – Toronto

TORONTO – It seems young Ontarians agree with their elders: they too wanted a majority Liberal government.

Nearly 170,000 students from 1,261 schools across Ontario voted in Student Vote 2014, showing more support for the left side of the political spectrum than Ontarians of voting age.

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In the student vote, the Liberals won a majority government with 62 seats in the student vote – increasing their count from 39 when the mock vote was held in 2011.

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The NDP didn’t fare as well as the Liberals but did end up forming the Official Opposition with 33 seats, losing seven from 2011.

Tim Hudak on the other hand, didn’t win his riding in the student vote and his party won only 11 seats. In fact he finished third behind the Liberals and the NDP in his riding of Niagara West – Glanbrook.

The mock vote is meant to teach students about the democratic process, candidates and parties. Kids also spend time debating the future of Ontario. At the end of the lesson, they vote for representatives in their electoral riding.

The students may be interested in electoral reform after the results: eight per cent of the popular vote went to parties who did not win seats. In fact, the Libertarian Party won 3.3 per cent of the vote.

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